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Renter Profile

Stop filling out the same rental application forms and paying application fees. Create a renter profile once and share it with multiple landlords for free. Best yet, your profile is a living document that grows with you.

Online Rent Payments

Mailing a check is outdated. Conveniently pay your rent online in the resident portal. You can also turn on AutoPay from your phone or computer..


You pay your rent on time, so why shouldn't you get credit for it? CreditBoost allows your landlord to automatically report on-time payments directly to the credit bureaus to help boost your credit score.

Online Leases

Broken ovens and sudden leaks aren't fun, but the Avail maintenance request features give you peace of mind. Message your landlord, share photos of the issue, and see real-time status updates.

Maintenance Tickets

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Get your mortgage fast. Really fast.

Our financing team, helps you on your renting to buying journey and helps you get approved or pre-approved in record time.